ANYmal Joins ORCA in Oxford

The ORCA Hub team at the Oxford Robotics Institute (University of Oxford) were delighted to receive their own quadruped ANYmal over the summer which will be used as part of the Sensing and Mapping work.

Oxford's ANYmal at the Fire Service College

The team have been getting up to speed with programming ANYmal and took it for an outdoor excursion for the first time last week in preparation for the upcoming terrestrial and aerial-focussed trials which will feature both the University of Edinburgh and Oxford ANYmal quadrupeds.

Simon Reeve - VP Technology & Innovation, Lloyds Register:

“The dynamics of the labour force is changing, and so has the level of risk society is prepared for people to work under, so a lot of the application of this technology is about taking the human out of the hazardous environment in order to ensure that the assets can still be managed effectively and productively but without creating that safety hazard.”