ORCA in New Advisory Council Report

The latest Scottish Science Advisory Council report on Robotics and AI has been released which notes the work of the Hub.

"Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Shaping the Future of Scotland" is available online now and discusses the impact of the next wave of robotics and autonomous systems which are now beginning to emerge in Scotland.

As well as crediting the work of ORCA Hub as part of this new wave, the report also highlights the pioneering research of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics which has led to the development of the UK's first National Robotarium which will be completed in Edinburgh in 2021.

Our Vision:

ORCA Hub represents an unprecedented effort to use Robotics and AI to revolutionise Asset Integrity Management in the offshore energy sector to enable cheaper, safer and more efficient working practices and a move towards a fully autonomous offshore energy field, operated, inspected and maintained from the shore.