Government Minister Visits Heriot-Watt

The new UK government Minister for Scotland visited the robotics facilities at Heriot-Watt University today.

UK Government Minister for Scotland visits Heriot-Watt University

Left to right: Professor Lynne Baillie, Professor Helen Hastie, UK Government Minister for Scotland Robin Walker and Professor David Lane.

Minister Robin Walker was given a tour around Heriot-Watt University's world leading robotics facilities today as he discussed the ongoing progress of a National ROBOTARIUM. The new National ROBOTARIUM will receive £21 million in UK Government support and will expand on the current facilities located at Heriot-Watt. Built in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh the facility will provide a state-of-the-art base from which researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and educators will deliver the UK’s leading international centre for the generation of new smart robotics companies, accelerating Edinburgh and Scotland to be at the forefront of this growing global industry

Our significant robotics research is already contributing towards the drive to revolutionise manufacturing, healthcare, offshore energy, construction, environmental monitoring and defence. The National Robotarium will place Scotland at the forefront of developing the future digital economy to serve society’s needs

Prof. David Lane, ORCA Hub Director

The National ROBOTARIUM forms part of the ‘Data Driven Innovation’ programme within the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal which was signed a year ago and aims to establish the Edinburgh City Region as the ‘Data Capital of Europe’.

Andrew Tyrer - Head of Enabling Technologies, Innovate UK:

“Industry is actually engaged with the Hub... it’s not just waiting for its results, its actually working to produce those results through the life of the Hub.”

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