Join us at Blyth Capability Demonstrations

The third ORCA Hub demonstrations are taking place on 3 October at the National Renewable Energy Centre in Blyth, Northumberland.

The demonstration is aimed at industry companies that are interested in being actively involved in our research; helping to transition it from applied research to commercial products and services that will benefit companies working in the offshore sector.

This is an excellent opportunity to engage with the research being undertaken by the ORCA Hub with the following themes being presented:

  • Sensing and Mapping
  • Planning, Control and Manipulation
  • Human-Robot Interaction with Explainable AI
  • Robot and Asset Self-Certification

The main objective of the day is to demonstrate to industry partners current developments within the ORCA Hub and obtain feedback relating to current and future Use Cases.

Demonstrations will include:

  • Autonomous legged robot mapping and reactive motion planning with the ANYmal quadruped. ANYmal will also demonstrate legged locomotion for inspection and monitoring of assets.
  • Inspection and emergency response through natural language using the Furhat
  • On-surface inspection using drones
  • Underwater acoustic sensor network for remote monitoring of subsea assets and marine environment
  • Robot health and robustness, mission validity and asset integrity
  • Smart underwater vision - underwater 3D mapping, object modelling and detection
  • Limpet sensor node monitoring of offshore structures

Register now.

Please come prepared to be outside for long periods of time and wear sturdy shoes. If you have your own PPE, including hard hat, high-vis vest, safety glasses and steel toe-capped boots, please bring these with you.

ORCA demonstrations

Rebecca Allison - Manager of the Asset Integrity Solution Centre, The OGTC:

“Robotics plays a key part in the future of oil and gas, or energy in the UK…How do we really change the way we work for the future, and transform our energy industry forever?”