"Robots in the Danger Zone" a year on - what are they up to now?

On 14th July 2020 we took part in one of The Royal Society's "What are they up to now?" online Youtube sessions.

Due to COVID-19, The Royal Society were unable to run their annual Summer Science Exhibition in its usual format as a free week-long festival in central London this summer. Instead they moved Summer Science online for 2020, providing a free digital programme of talks, quizzes and videos to celebrate both cutting-edge and historic science.

Having participated in the 2019 event with our exhibit "Robots in the Danger Zone", we were asked to take part in one of a series of online sessions called "What are they up to now?" to give viewers a taste of what last year's participating researchers have been doing in the past 12 months.

Our contribution to "What are they up to now?" was led by the University of Edinburgh's Dr. Alistair McConnell who was able to bring together video updates from different research teams based at Heriot-Watt University and the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

Watch the full video here:

Watch the video from our "What are they up to now?" session with The Royal Society from 14th July 2020

Thanks go to the following researchers for their contributions to the video:

University of Edinburgh: Dr. Alistair McConnell, Dr. Simona Aracri, Dr. Tushal Semwal

University of Oxford: Dr. Maurice Fallon

University of Liverpool: Dr. Vincent Page

Heriot-Watt University: Dr. Muneeb Ahmad, Professor David Lane