Engage with the Hub

The ORCA Hub is an industry driven research programme.

By that we mean that the challenges and Use Cases we direct our research towards are based on the needs of industry. We rely on industry working with our university partners to shape, mould
and direct our research so that it provides the foundations for new and ground-breaking technology in the offshore industry to be built on.

We currently have over 30 industry partners ranging from small technology developers through to offshore owner and operators. By working with all members of the supply chain, we can collaboratively develop solutions that will benefit all those working in the offshore sector.

If you have an industry Use Case/Challenge, here's what happens next...

Levels of engagement with ORCA
  1. Review our Focus Areas to see which could help solve your Use Case/Challenge.
  2. Contact our Business Development Executive, David Wavell to discuss starting a Today, Tomorrow or Future project.
  3. Jointly develop a technical specification/requirement of the Use Case/Challenge to include information such as:
    • Project description
    • Development road map
    • Timeframe
    • Resources required

Contact ORCA Hub Business Development Executive, David Wavell, to discuss how you can engage with the Hub.

Andrew Tyrer - Head of Enabling Technologies, Innovate UK:

“Industry is actually engaged with the Hub... it’s not just waiting for its results, its actually working to produce those results through the life of the Hub.”

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