Publications - Mapping, Surveying & Inspection

The following publications have been published by the Mapping, Surveying & Inspection team in the course of their ORCA Hub research to date.

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Allotta B, Costanzi R, Ridolfi A, Salvetti O, Reggiannini M, Kruusmaa M, ... Scaradozzi D. (2018). The ARROWS Project: robotic technologies for underwater archaeology. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, doi: 10.1088/1757-899X/364/1/012088

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Wang Cong, Zhang Qifeng, Tian Qiyan, Li Shuo, Wang Xiaohui, Lane David..... Wang Sen, (2020). Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning based Mobile Manipulation Control for Dynamic Object Tracking and Grasping. arXiv e-prints, pp. arXiv:2006.04271

The Limpet Sensor

The Limpet sensor is a cost-effective, integrated multi-sensing device designed for deployment in large collectives on and around offshore assets for asset integrity monitoring and inspection.

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