A selection of videos relating to our work.

Introducing ORCA Hub - find out more about our objectives from key members of the project.

ORCA field trials at The Underwater Centre, Fort William, July 2018

ORCA Hub at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019: "Robots in the Danger Zone"

The Data Lab Innovation Centre - Scotland’s Capabilities in Data innovation for the oil and gas sector.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) – Heriot-Watt Case Study – Robotics

Edinburgh Centre for Robotics – Find out how Edinburgh Centre for Robotics are working with their ANYmal as part of ORCA Hub.

Edinburgh Centre for Robotics at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Introducing MIRIAM:

Although ORCA is working to reduce the need for personnel in hazardous environments, it is essential that onshore operators maintain situation awareness to monitor the mission and handle unforeseen circumstances.

MIRIAM (Multimodal Intelligent inteRaction for Autonomous systeMs) combines visual indicators of status with a conversational agent component and offers a fluid and natural way for operators to gain information on vehicle status, explanations of system behaviour and mission progress.