Proposed Workshop

The use of robots and AI represents the future of critical infrastructure inspection, repair and maintenance.  The development of robotic platforms which can enter these environments to perform missions is only half the story.  To enable their full potential, they need to be connected to digital versions of themselves and the environment, through the use of digital twins.  For the physical and digital systems to interact seamlessly, connective digital tissue needs to be developed.  5G will be required to ensure reliable and high bandwidth communications which will be critical for linking the digital and physical twins as well as the operator. 

The use of cloud-based infrastructure will not only allow advanced AI algorithms to be deployed, but also lead to the use of shared synthetic environments to help facilitate the ideation and design of digital twins. 

This workshop will bring together global leaders in the fields of robotics, digital twins, 5G and cloud systems to explore how the lines between the physical and virtual worlds can blend seamlessly together so that human and robot work effortlessly hand-in-hand.